review sosiologi politik


sociology is a young science, although his age has been progressing quite long:
since people know the cultural and civilization, the “man as a social Life” has attracted much attention, namely:
beginning the public review only people Who Are Interested in the issues That attract public attention just like for example:
– Crimes
– War
– The power of the ruling class
– The Religious

The first sociology occurred in continental Europe

development and concern for the society consists in every community in the world.
As for thoughts on society that is slowly getting the form as a science, which is then called “sociology” was the first time that happened in continental Europe, in which many businesses that are scientific and non scientific
that form of sociology as a science, which gradually and then get the shape as a stand-alone science.

Unlike in Europe, unlike in the U.S. also with sociology in the united states is linked with efforts to improve human social circumstances and as a driving force to solve problems on issues such inflicted caused by:

– Crime
– Violations
– Prostitution
– Unemployment
– Poverty
– Conflict
– War

19th century French philosopher (Auguste Comte):
Wrote several books that contain common approaches to learning communities:

– He believes that science has given precedence to the logic, and any research conducted through certain stages and then reached the last stage of the scientific stage.

– Assuming he has the time has come that all the research on social problems and the symptoms of people entering the last stage of the scientific stage.

– He suggested that all research on society upgraded to a “science of society that stand alone”, which was the name given at that time that sociology (1839)

The birth of sociology recorded in 1842, when Comte published the last volume of his book entitled “positive-philosophy” which is very famous.
Since Herbert spencer develop a systematic study of society in his book entitled “Principles of Sociology” half a century later the term became more popular sociology and the sociology of thanks to his services, he also develops very rapidly.

Sociology developing rapidly with the 20th century, especially in France, Germany and the U.S..
Unlike in the UK is the science is not very rapid progress, although John Stuart Mill and Herbert Spencer is a British man who had developed the research community.

Sociology as a science

With the human mind to get science, with human feelings can achieve pleasure. Was a means to maintain and improve the science is called (logically), improve behavior, quality of art called the (ethics and aesthetics)

Elements of science:
1. knowledge
2. systematically arranged
3. menggunkan thoughts
4. can be controlled by others / general

in a simple science that include:
1. knowledge
2. methods to acquire knowledge
3. arranged systematically

in other words science is:
knowledge gained by using imiah and arranged systematically, using the power of thought and can be checked and controlled by everyone who wants to know.


1. sociology is a social science.
2. sociology is not a normative discipline that will be but a discipline that categorically, that means: sociology limit ourselves on what is happening today and not about what had happened.
3. sociology is a science of pure knowledge rather than applied science.
4. sociology is a science that is abstract rather than concrete science.
5. sociology aims to generate insights and general patterns.
6. sociology is an empirical science and rational.
7. general science of sociology is not a specialized science.



Teachings “Wulan Reh” created by Sri liege Mangkunegoro IV of Surakarta, among others, teaches:
Good relations between the Java community members who come from different factions, many contain aspects of sociology, especially in the field of intergroup relations.
– Ki Hajar Dewantoro
The main pioneer who laid the foundations for national education in Indonesia, contributed very much in sociology by the concepts of leadership and a real kinship with Indonesia that practiced in educational organizations Taman Siswa
– Then when seen from the results of the works of Dutch scholars before the second world war which took the Indonesian community as the center of attention, such as for example “Hurgonje Snouch writings, C. Van Vollenhoven, Ter Haar, Duyvendak etc, then in the works Works rose looks the sociological elements that are used in scientific and peeled.


– After the proclamation of Indonesian independence on 17 August 1945, an Indonesian scholar of “Professor.. Mr. Soenario Kolopaking, for the first time giving lectures in sociology at the Academy of Political Science in 1948 in Yogyakarta, which later merged in the University of Gajah Mada University and then became the Faculty of Social and Politics.
– In 1950 the opening of opportunities for Indonesian scholars and students to study abroad. Since it began there were some people of Indonesia to deepen his knowledge of sociology, there banhkan including those who study science in particular. By increasing people to deepen and specialize in sociology then be a boost to the development and spread of the sociology of science.


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